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This weekend, you are in for quite a celestial ride. Why? The Lunar eclispe in the sign of Capricorn is three times more potent than a regular Full moon. First you may feel the tension rising-a feeling that you cannot turn back. Generally, a series of decisive and irreversible events often accompanies every eclipse, and this one is no different. As with the sign that governs structure, order, and the status quo, Capricorn tends to keep their emotions on a tight leash. So will you, even though this eclipse demands some kind of release. There might be things you need to discard or reject, and in fact you are likely to meet your destiny face to face. What does that mean? What seemed to you like a more or less distant possibility suddenly becomes an unavoidable necessity. Having said that, like a sudden thunderstorm that clears the air, events that seem to happen out of the blue around the Lunar eclipse could clear up long-simmering tensions that previously seemed unresolvable before. Be aware that the opportunity you are being given may come only once in a lifetime. Remember, this is when your relationships with others are put to the test – which enables you see them for what they really are, for better or worse. Though the wear and tear of the world is more than likely taking its toll, the Lunar eclipse marks the end of one chapter, and the start of a much happier one.


With the the Sun superbly aligned with Uranus, this is a time to try new and exciting things. No matter what your sign, you should feel free enough to do whatever goes through your mind right now. Opportunities can reveal themselves under the strangest of circumstances. With Uranus, something unexpected always happens. In your despair you reach out, and like a lightning bolt it comes. With this transit, don’t be surprised if your perspective shifts and you get a sudden revelation. Like a flash of knowing that was impossible before. Uranus charges us and changes us. It can jolt you off one path and drops you onto another. With it you can create and liberate, freeing yourself out of a rut. Change is the one thing you can expect with a Uranus transit, though quite what that will be is hard to predict. By rights, you should feel enlightened and inspired. Claustrophobic too-and even though your outer life may seem pretty much the same, inwardly you should feel different. Transformed even-this can best be described as an ‘Alien Moment’. A stroke of genius that alters your paradigm. My oh my.


Jupiter combined with Pluto in the sign of Capricorn inspires faith and gives you more than a glimmer of hope. This influence is a do-not-give-up kind of attitude, but sometimes, you have to go through doubt to arrive at faith. Faith is the keyword as June comes to a close. When you lose faith, you can fall into despair or fear. But this alignment offers hope against all odds for those of you going through challenging situations in your personal life. It also helps you manifest desires you’ve had for a long time. Do not be afraid to live out your dreams-instead allow Jupiter and Pluto to help you discover the essential, inner purpose you truly desire to achieve. By rights, your mind should be open to new ideas. This is a leap-of-faith moment for you. Though you may usually resist change, it’s time to to live a more authentic, expansive, and abundant life. Be courageous, keep moving forward- you should be unstoppable.


You might have noticed things have kind of slowed down in your love life lately. Blame it on quarantine, or Venus retrograde? Truth be told, it’s a bit of both! Now with Venus turning to direct motion in the sign of Gemini, you should find that you are more free-spirited and open-minded. Venus signifies our capacity to love. This brings delight, but also vulnerability, penetration and pain, and even that, by Venus standards can be beautiful. The goddess who craves pleasure and passion loves variety and intensity-especially in the sign of the Twins. It can, of course, be disruptive, sending us to lovers who aren’t good for us. Venus is like a scented flower enticing lovers and bees for that matter. Venus or Aphrodite is like Pandora. Curiosity got the better of her and she peered under the lid-and you may get a similar surprise-control your desires, will you!


Neptune retrograde happens every year, but this year, it’s effects may be felt more than usual due to its timing and what you have been experiencing recently. Neptune, the God of the Sea, currently in Pisces is a dreamy planet that rules imagination, confusion, and psychic inspiration. Neptune releases illusions from the past. Have you been escaping reality through daydreams instead of living your own dream? Meanwhile, this may be a confusing time, but Neptune retrograde can help you say goodbye to old ways of living which no longer serve you, even if you have to step into the unknown. True, you may lose relationships with those who you don’t see eye-to-eye with. Remember that Neptune retrograde can also be extremely hopeful and uplifting. There will be personal change. The comfort zone you are leaving behind will be washed away. Above all, Neptune is the planet of compassion. Remember that love is not a limited resource. Share it with everyone, and yourself, because we’re all going through big scary changes right now, even if they are ultimately for the best.


Around the time of a Solar eclipse-a week before and a week after- even seemingly insignificant events can create a so-called domino effect. First you may feel the tension rising, a feeling that you cannot turn back any more. A feeling of decisive and sometimes irreversible events taking place often accompanies the Solar eclipse-never more so than the one which occurs in Cancer. Whether you desire more affection, a safe haven, or creative inspiration, you must play by Cancer’s rules. The home is Cancer ruled. So are nests, warrens, cradles, and wombs. As you are aware, Cancer is territorial, defensive and self protective- you may want to trade passion for security. At times, Cancer’s sensitivity is heart-breaking – or more precisely, it breaks our hearts open. So, it is highly unlikely that the Solar eclipse will pass by unnoticed. An eclipse is always a time when you meet your destiny face to face. Something you don’t have a chance to experience every day. This is a special type of New Moon. It opens a much happier chapter in your life.

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